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Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities, 4th Edition

This guide provides information on how to accommodate bicycle travel and operations in most riding environments. It is intended to present sound guidelines that result in facilities that meet the needs of bicyclists and other highway users. Sufficient flexibility is permitted to encourage designs that are sensitive to local context and incorporate the needs of bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. However, in some sections of this guide, suggested minimum dimensions are provided. These are recommended only where further deviation from desirable values could increase crash frequency or severity.

This guide has been updated from the previous guide published in 1999. The fact that new guidance is presented herein does not imply that existing bicycle facilities are inadequate or unsafe, nor does it mandate the initiation of improvement projects. The intent of this document is to provide guidance to designers and planners by referencing a recommended range of design values and describing alternative design approaches.

A copy of the February 2017 errata can be downloaded from the link below. The changes from this errata are incorporated directly into the download version.

The download version is a single user downloadable PDF file. You must become an E-Affiliate to purchase this item. See the PDF Download User Guide for complete details.

Download Item System Requirements: Windows operating system, Adobe Reader. You will only be able to open this file while connected to the Internet. All sales in this format are final: there are no refunds on download items.

A video describing the new edition can be viewed here.

Item Pages: 200
Download: Table of Contents, Introduction, and Index (0.5 MB)
Download: February 2017 Errata (1.5 MB)
Year Published: 2012
Below is the list of formats that this publication is available in. See the AASHTO Electronic Publications User Guide for descriptions of these formats.
Item FormatItem CodeItem TitleMember PriceNon-Member PriceAvailabilityQuantity 
Paperback GBF-4 Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities, 4th Edition $150.00 $203.00 In Stock
Print and PDF Download GBF-4-PUL Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities, 4th Edition, Print and Single User PDF Download Set $210.00 $284.00 In Stock
Download GBF-4-UL Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities, 4th Edition, Single User PDF Download $120.00 $162.00 In Stock
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