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Item Detail
Highway Safety Manual, First Edition

The Highway Safety Manual (HSM) was developed to help measurably reduce the frequency and severity of crashes on American roadways by providing tools for considering safety in the project development process. The HSM assists practitioners in selecting countermeasures and prioritizing projects, comparing alternatives, and quantifying and predicting the safety performance of roadway elements considered in planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation. The three-volume HSM features a synthesis of validated highway research, procedures for including safety in project decisions, and analytical tools for predicting impact on road safety. If you are interested in learning more about an electronic tool that is now available from AASHTOWare that can assist with the application of the manual’s Part B, the Safety Management Process, please visit www.safetyanalyst.org.

For more information on the Highway Safety Manual and future training opportunities, please visit www.HighwaySafetyManual.org or click on the button below for a video describing the Highway Safety Manual.

Click to view AASHTO Highway Safety Manual Video

Includes February 2012 errata, which can also be downloaded below.

Item Code: HSM-1
ISBN Number: 1-56051-477-0
Item Format: Paperback
Item Pages: 972
Download: Introduction (0.5 MB)
Download: Table of Contents (1.7 MB)
Download: February 2012 Errata (1.0 MB)
Year Published: 2010
Non-Member Price: $390.00
Member Price: $325.00
Availability: In Stock
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