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Item Detail
Bridge Security Guidelines, 1st Edition, Single User PDF Download
New and extensively researched, Bridge Security Guidelines offers guidance on bridge design for extreme events induced by man. This document provides the designer with information on the response of concrete bridge columns subjected to blast loads as well as blast-resistant design and detailing guidelines and analytical models of blast load distribution. This guideline document and its research shall be considered as the stepping stone toward the education this subject truly deserves and shall receive in future years. The content of this guideline should be considered in situations where resisting blast loads is deemed warranted by the owner or designer.

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System Requirements: Windows operating system, Adobe Reader. You will only be able to open this file while connected to the Internet.

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Item Code: BSG-1-UL
ISBN Number: 978-1-56051-521-0
Item Format: Download
Item Pages: 60
Download: Table of Contents (0.5 MB)
Year Published: 2011
Non-Member Price: $27.00
Member Price: $20.00
Availability: In Stock
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