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Item Detail
Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide: A Manual of Practice, 2nd Edition

This manual describes a pavement design methodology, termed mechanistic-empirical (M-E) pavement design, that represents a major change from the pavement design methods in practice today. Based on engineering mechanics that have been validated through extensive road test performance data, the manual presents information necessary for pavement design engineers to begin using use the MEPDG design and analysis method. The manual references AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design™, M-E Pavement design software, commercially available through AASHTOWare, AASHTO's software development program. AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design has been revised from the software described in the previous edition of this manual, based upon evaluations performed by state departments of transportation and others in the community of practice.

This item is available at a 20% discount when Pavement Design, Construction, and Management: A Digital Handbook, 1st Edition (see related item) is ordered at the same time.

Item Code: MEPDG-2
ISBN Number: 978-1-56051-597-5
Item Format: Paperback
Item Pages: 212
Download: Table of Contents, Introduction, and Index (1.7 MB)
Year Published: 2015
Non-Member Price: $135.00
Member Price: $100.00
Availability: In Stock
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